healthy, fast, delicious

Pioneering a Filipino inspired fast casual dining experience in the Philippines, Berde will become the dining destination for those who want to make food providers more accountable for providing Healthy, Fast, and Delicious food     

A holistic view of HEALTH

Berde’s concept of healthy is three-fold:

  • Firstly, Berde is PERSONALLY healthy. Berde bowls are well-rounded and wholesome – a complete meal in every bowl!
  • Secondly, Berde is LOCALLY healthy. By eating at Berde, you help support your local farmers. Berde works to support Filipino farmers by sourcing exclusively from domestic providers.
  • Thirdly, Berde is ENVIRONMENTALLY healthy. Berde supports organic farmers and those using sustainable practices and techniques. Berde also helps to educate Filipino farmers on sustainable farming practices that can help them support their families without negatively impacting the environment. Each time a patron chooses to spend her money at Berde, she is choosing health for her body, her community, and her environment.

More than "Just Salad"

Berde focuses on bringing healthy and delicious food to a wide audience – while we have vegan options and salads, the typical Berde Bowl is a combination of WARM GRAIN and FRESH SALAD (our “rice & salad combo”) and features a delicious protein like TUNA KINILAW, BEEF ADOBO, CHICKEN INASAL or PORK KARNITAS

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